Why Totani?

Sealing Waiting Time (patent-registered)

Why Totani?

Operation Adjustment/Management
Totani's original Sealing Waiting Time (patent-registered) makes the most of the feature of the servomotor control system.

Overview and Feature

Box Pouch®

As described in the Sealing Time Setting Function, in the case of Totani's pouch making machine, film feed time and sealing time can be set separately. This feature is used in the Sealing Waiting Time (patent-registered) which only Totani's pouch making machines have. This function is useful in start-up or control operation required after roll film is replaced with new roll. In the case of pouch making machines from other companies, in control operation, the feed of roll film must be delayed and the position of heater for sealing or notching must be fine-tuned to prevent film loss. Then, as sealing time by heater is proportional to film feed time, heater temperature must be set low not to burden the heater.

In the real operation after fine tuning, while film feed time must be decreased, the heater temperature must be increased properly, checking sealing strength and finish. In the existent control operation, not only time but also film is lost much.

Meanwhile, in the case of Totani's Sealing Waiting Time, in the control operation, the sealing time can be set to 0.5 second and the heater temperature can be set to 200 degrees (the most suitable setting) and the film feed time can be set to 0.25 second, like the real operation, in advance. As the Sealing Waiting Time (the difference between the time when heater temperature rises in the first sealing and the time when the hearter lowers for the next sealing) can be set separately, it can be set to 1.25 second, which makes the fine-tuning of the position of heater or notching very easy. And, the real operation can start easily by setting the Sealing Waiting Time to 0 second after the fine-tuning is finished.

This function can be realized because film feed time (film transfer rate) and sealing time (vertical control of heater) can be set separately. The function can reduce film loss in control operation considerably to improve productivity. One of the reasons why Totani's pouch making machine is chosen is this Sealing Waiting Time.

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