Why Totani?

Sealing Time Setting Function

Why Totani?

Sealing/Zipper Sealing
Sealing Time Setting Function of Totani's original Servo Motor Control System allows both high speed and high quality.

Overview and Feature

In bag making machines that use plastic film as material, the following two parts play important roles. - The part that feeds plastic roll film through the machine (*1) - The part that conducts sealing, notching (*2) and punching along with film flow.

Totani's bag making machines are equipped with two to four servo motors for film feed control, a heater for heat sealing (main body of machine), and one servo motor for the vertical movement control of the cooling device and the heater device (The Figure below indicates the case of three servo motors). These motors are controlled separately by Totani's original NC Controller included as standard equipment. The benefit of controlling servo motors with different roles separately is that film feed timing (= feed time) and time required for sealing (sealing time) can be set separately and arbitrarily.

In the bag making machines manufactured by the other companies, film feed timing is in synchronization with sealing time. Therefore, in general, when film is fed earlier, sealing time becomes shorter. For example, supposing the shortest sealing time to secure both sufficient sealing strength and beautiful finish is 0.5 second, film feed time is also 0.5 second. Then, it takes 1 second to complete one pouch, and the rotational speed of machine is 60 cycles per minute. In this case, when the film feed time is changed to 0.25 second to raise production capacity, the sealing time is also 0.25 second. Then, sufficient sealing strength cannot be ensured.

However, in Totani's bag making machine, film feed time and sealing time can be set separately. Therefore, when the sealing time is pegged at 0.5 second and the film feed time is changed to 0.25 second, it takes 0.75 second to complete one pouch, and the rotational speed of machine is 80 cycles per minute. Thus, Totani's machines can make pouches at high speed without sacrificing sealing quality such as strength and beauty.

(*1) The side in which roll film is provided is called upper reach, and the side in which made pouches come out is called lower reach.
(*2) Totani's notching makes pouches easier to open and covers not only simple notch but also triangle and home base type.

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