Cutter Control System Applies to: BH-60HV Series, BH-120V, FD-35V, FA-35V / Applicable film: Laminating film of all kinds *)

* Very rarely there is film which can not be image processed.
Also, control is not possible if there is a printed pattern over a transparent film seal and the image contrast is not clear.


The double cut system described below eliminates burrs on the in-line corner cut unit. It is a measure against product liability and significantly improves the value of the merchandise.

A high precision CCD camera directly over the cutter observes the shape of the corner cut and the image is analyzed by computer. (It handles corner cuts of any shape.) Even if the location of the corner cut punched hole is altered by a change in printing pitch, the software controls the shear cutter so the cut is in the center of the punched hole (for single cut). An AC servo motor drives the

The following two types of bag making may be selected:

Single cut system

  • Only one cut is made accurately (through the center of the punched hole) on the diagonal line of the corner cutter blade.

Double cut system

  • After making a shear cut with the front of the star-shaped acute-angled part of the corner cutter, the shear cutter base is moved upstream about 0.6 mm where a second shear cut is made. (This movement can be set between 0.6 and 1.5 mm.)

In addition to corner sutting, it also does the following

Notch blade

Notch bladeA small triangular blade for notching one side in transverse bag making

Single cut control

Single cut enables notching to be positioned just inside of cutting, thus tearing during transportation and injury by the notch edge is avoided.

Single cut control

Double cut control

Double cut enables previously impossible single side notching.

Double cut control

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.