DC-2 type in-line conveyor Applies to: FD-35V, FA-35V

DC-2 type in-line conveyor


When fitted to FD-35V or FA-35V models, the work of receiving bags is facilitated. The operator's work is semi-automated. Finished bags drop onto the bag collector where they are aligned by vibrators (with transverse and longitudinal aligning plates), stacked in bundles of 50 or 100 by the operation of a shutter and sent forward by the conveyor rollers.

Standard Specifications

Bag dimensions Bag dimensions
Bag width (W) : 55 to 350 mm
Bag length (L) :150 to 300 mm
Stack size 50 or 100 bags * For stacks of 100, stack height must not exceed 140 mm.
Number of lines 1-line
Stacking ability 200 CPM
Conveyor length 1.5 m (including bag collector)
Input power 200 V, 3-phase, Power consumption : 200 W
Input signal Uses FD-35V / FA-35V notch signals
Main equipment
  1. Conveyor transporter belt (horizontal) : 350 mm wide
  2. Conveyor transporter belt (vertical) : 150 mm wide
  3. Conveyor slope angle adjuster
  4. Bag stacker
  5. Work table
Area for installation About 650 mm x 1700 mm
Location for installation Downstream end of machine.

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.