Totani's pouch making machines can resolve the difficulties described below.

Totani’s many original technologies such as Sealing Time Setting Function and Cutter Control System are used in Totani’s bag making machines.
These technologies were developed by realizing Totani’s technology concept of considering manufacturing from the viewpoint of customers using the machines, as well as by pursuing functionality.
This site describes Totani’s original technologies to resolve customer’s difficulties that are hard to describe with specifications or values of comparison with other companies.

Difficulty in Sealing or Zipper Sealing

Sealing strength is insufficient
Bags become crumpled to be inferior in quality because of heater temperature too high
Zipper sealing strength is insufficient

Difficulty in Work at Bag Corner or Making Bag of All Shapes>

Finish of rounding work at bag corner is unsatisfactory
Rounding work at bag corner cannot be finished in a single cut
Burr occurs in rounding process at bag corner
No machine can make bags of all shapes (made to order)
The finished width of bags is not uniform
Triangle cutting accuracy is insufficient

Difficulty in Operational Adjustment or Management in Bag Making

Operational adjustment takes too much time at the start of bag making
Much film is lost in operational adjustment of bag making machine
Film meanders when exchanged
Exchanging heavy film roll is troublesome
Finished bags cannot be aligned
Chips or paper cores are hard to dispose of
The setting of NC Computer is hard to understand
Two or more bag making machines must be managed with the same setting
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