In the case of the existent trim winder, wound edge scraps must be separated into paper tube and film with cutter, etc.

Inverter controlled coreless trim winder solves the above problem.

  1. Edge scraps can be collected easily by opening or closing winding core
  2. No troublesome separation of trash is required
  3. Not using paper core contributes to cost reduction and environmental protection
  4. Totani's existent vertical trim winder can be converted into the coreless type.

(* Winding axis is exchanged and winding core is added in this conversion. However, in this case, the winding amount of the converted winder is about 60% of that of the existent winder.)

Totani's Inverter controlled coreless trim winder

Totani's Inverter controlled coreless trim winder winds edge scraps slit by the bag making machines at the speed of up to 45 mpm automatically with rotation of winding axis (corn holder). And, as the winding speed follows the bag making speed, no adjustment is required in operation.

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