Why Totani?

Top and Bottom web Registration System

Why Totani?

Bag Cutting/Shape
Top and Bottom web Registration System (TBRS) which is supported by the BH-80DG-F model can manufacture BOX POUCH® with height of up to 800 mm.

Overview and Feature

BOX POUCH® making machine [BH-80DG-F]

New function of Top and Bottom web Registration System (TBRS) is added to the BH-80DG-F model which is the BOX POUCH® making machine. The past BH-80DG-F model can manufacture pouches with height of up to 800 mm. However, the maximal breadth of large-sized pouches with two-sided printing is limited because of printing press or laminator limitations.

TBRS developed by Totani can use roll film with its top and bottom printed and laminated separately. Therefore, the existent printing press or laminator can be used to large-sized pouches (maximal height).

* Totani registered its BOX POUCH® as the 4961911th trademark.

  • High-capacity (height of up to 800 mm) BOX POUCH® can be manufactured.
  • General zipper or slider zipper can be worn easily.
  • The top of side gusset can be sealed with Totani's original 45-Degree Angle Folded Gusset.
  • Pouches can be sealed perfectly without using tape.
  • The mechanism to mount handgrip for transfer at side gusset is developed at present.

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