Why Totani?

Thompson die-cut unit for full shape

Why Totani?

Bag Cutting/Shape
Totani's Thomson die-cut unit can solve manufacturing problems ofshaped pouches.
Sudden changes in pouch configuration can be achieved in little time and at low costsI.
"Thomson die-cut unit for full shape" (Applies to BH / CT series)

Overview and Feature

Today, there is a mainstream need for plastic film pouches in various shapes.
There should be no hesitation to implement/manufacture pouches with ashaped design due to the concern over high production costs.
Totani’s original "Full-Shape Thomson Die-Cut Unit" with "in-line, high-speed die-cutting" can address these concerns at once.

HERE'S our ADVANTAGE! The originality of "Thomson fullshapedie-cut unit" (1)

Features and advantages of Totani's "Thomson full-shape die-cut unit"

Advantages of die-cut by "Thomson blade"

Die-cut by "Thomson blade" does not require fine adjustments at each processing position so, there is no lost time due to these troublesome adjustments. This ease of set-up also leads to a reduction in material consumption. Additionally, sudden changes in pouch configuration can be achieved in little time and at low costs.

Totani's unique ultra-precision control technology

Totani's unique ultra-precision control technology created a servo-driven Thomson die-cut unit. This brings the following benefits:

  • A shortened distance between the Thomson blade and the drive mechanism allows for ease of die-blade adjustment.
  • The durability of the Thomson blade has been dramatically improved by optimizing the blade and base plate and by highly accurate die-cut control.
  • High die-cut speed (*200 shots / minute × 2 rows = 400 pouches / minute) supported by the downsizing of the drive mechanism.

Providing In-line high-speed die-cut

"In-line, high-speed die-cut" is a cutting method using a Thomson blade in-line (directly connected to the pouch making machine) to die-cut a pouch with complex shape at one time.
It provides several high-speed die-cut actions such as "Rounded corner cut", "Tear-Notch" and "Shape-cut" in one cutting stroke.

Increasing the rigidity of the entire unit

The high rigidity of the entire unit supports the base of Totani's Thomson die-cut unit. The die-cut system is supplied with a very high rigid frame which provides a strong base to receive the cutting force of Thomson blade, thereby improving
the accuracy of the cut. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of film loss and ease of adjustment.

Adopting full cover for safety improvement

For further safety improvement, not only the die-cut mechanism but also the defective pouch separation conveyor, are fully guarded, increasing the safety of the machine without compromising operability.
Additionally, the die-cut equipment is integrated with a defective pouch separation conveyor and a discharge conveyor. It also has been equipped with casters to shorten the travelling time, installation and on-site adjustment.

HERE'S our ADVANTAGE! The originality of "Thomson diecut unit for full shape" (2)

Totani's unique ultra-precision control technology greatly improves the durability of the Thomson blade.
When the Thomson blade cuts a pouch, the blade contacts the base plate that receives the blade with the depth of only a few micrometers. (1micrometer = a thousandth of a millimeter). It can be described, for example, as the difference between a "kitchen knife of master chef" and "kitchen knife of an amateur".

A master chef cuts a vegetable into strips reliably, quietly and lightly, without damaging a chopping board.
Totani's ultra-precision control is the same as "kitchen knife of master chef".
It accurately cuts the entire circumference of the pouch into a complex, shaped design all at once. This technology has extremely reduced the blade abrasion, as well as the damage to the base plate. Thus, Totani succeeded in considerably increasing durability of even the Thomson blade which has had previous drawbacks in durability.

Realization of this ultra-precision control requireds high-precision processing of the entire machine, including the base plate, as well as the technology to control vertical movement of Thomson blade. Totani increased the durability of the Thomson blade with its comprehensive technological capabilities, including the know-how of precision machining, electronic control and sensing technology.
The height of Thomson blade can be adjusted in micrometers, thereby enabling extremely fine adjustment in accordance with wear of the blade.

HERE'S our ADVANTAGE! The originality of "Thomson diecut unit for full shape" (3)

Flexibility in response to fast changing needs of the market. It enables quick response to the change/correction of the pouch shape In the case of Totani's "Thomson full-shape die-cut unit", when the design or shape of a pouch is changed, only the Thompson blade has to be exchanged.

It takes only two to three days *to manufacture the blades. The blades can be manufactured at about a hundredth *of the existent cost. This unit applies not only to various shapes and designs, but also to other pouch format, including "three-side-seal" (used to package of retort food) and "stand-up pouch with zipper".
Moreover, in the case of the methods such as accurate rounded corner cut, notching or shape-cut, the "Thomson full-shape die-cut unit" can accomplish all of these in a single stroke.

Therefore, only one unit, the Thomson die-cutter, has to be adjusted. Due to quick adjustments and high-precision positioning, the machine needs not be adjusted frequently, and calibration time associated with adjustment can be reduced. Also, defective pouches due to stretching or misalignment of material film are unlikely to be manufactured so a consistent and shape and beautiful finish can be accomplished.

(*) Comparison among "die set methods,” it depends on processing shape.

* The information on this site is subject to change without notice.