Why Totani?

Cooling Plate

Why Totani?

Sealing/Zipper Sealing
Cooling Plate Technology both high-quality zipper sealing and high-speed bag making.

Overview and Feature

Do you worry about crumpled film around zipper sealing?

Totani's bag & pouch making machines can prevent film from being crumpled due to its shrinkage and manufacture pouches with zipper at high-speed. A beautiful finish can be achieved in the zipper sealing unit.
Because you do not need to worry about the issue of crumpled film, film selection is easy. Almost all kinds of plastic films can be used to manufacture pouches stably at high speed.

The secret of beautiful finish lies in Totani's own Cooling Plate.
In the case of the competitor's machines, as film which sticks to overheated heater block in its sealing, is often removed forcedly; the film is crumpled around zipper unit.
Meanwhile, on Totani's machines, the Cooling Plate prevents film from sticking to the plate and prevents deformation of the male and female zipper, thereby enabling a beautiful finish and stable, high-speed, pouch making.

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