Overview and Feature

Bag making machines heat-seal film. Therefore, the heater mechanism is a significant element that influences sealing quality. Totani's bag making machines have Heat Pipes in their heaters as standard equipment.

The bag making machines manufactured by the other companies raise temperatures using an electrically-heated wire heater inside an aluminum heater block. However, Totani's machines are equipped with Heat Pipes that include operating fluid along with electrically-heated wire heaters (See the Figure below).

Heat Pipe

This operating fluid conducts heat from a heater to a heater block to raise temperature in the heater block. The surface temperature of the heater using this mechanism is even and stable, in comparison with general electrically-heated wire heaters. And, even if the surface temperature of the heater drops in heat sealing, the temperature rises faster, compared to general electrically-heated wire heaters (*1).

These features are essential to high-speed bag making machines and make a great contribution to sealing strength and beautiful finish.

(*1) In other words, temperature gradient is high, which indicates that much heat is provided to compensate for heat loss

* The information on this site is subject to change without notice.

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