Full-Shape Thomson Die-Cut unitApplies to BH / CT series

Full-Shape Thomson Die-Cut unit


On the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores, there are many shaped packages with fashionable, functional and appealing designs. Today, there is a mainstream need for plastic film pouches in various shapes.
There should be no hesitation to implement/manufacture pouches with a shaped design due to the concern over high production costs.
Totani’s original “Full-Shape Thomson die-cut unit” with “in-line, high-speed die-cutting” can address these concerns at once.

Features and advantages of Totani's "Full-Shape Thomson Die-Cut unit"

1) Die-cutting by "Thomson blade" brings the following benefits:

  • There is no lost time due to troublesome adjustments for various process positions.
  • Ease of set-up minimizes material consumption.
  • Sudden changes in pouch configuration can be achieved in little time and at low costs.

2) Totani’s unique ultra-precision control technology created a servo-driven Thomson die-cut unit. This brings the following benefits:

  • A shortened distance between the Thomson blade and the drive mechanism allows for ease of die-blade adjustment.
  • The durability of the Thomson blade has been dramatically improved by optimizing the blade and base plate and by highly accurate die-cut control.
  • High die-cut speed (*200 shots / minute × 2 rows = 400 pouches / minute) supported by the downsizing of the drive mechanism.

3) Providing In-line, high-speed die-cut

  • "In-line, high-speed die-cut," is a cutting method using a Thomson blade in-line (directly connected to the pouch making machine), to die-cut a pouch with complex shape at one time.
    It provides several high-speed die-cut actions such as "Rounded corner cut", "Tear-Notch" and "Shape-cut" in one cutting stroke.

4) Increasing the rigidity of the entire unit

  • The high rigidity of the entire unit supports the base of Totani’s Thomson die-cut unit.
    The die-cut system, is supplied with a very high rigid frame which provides a strong base to receive the cutting force of Thomson blade, thereby improving the accuracy of the cut.
    In addition, it contributes to the reduction of film loss, and ease of adjustment.

5) Adopting full cover for improved safety

  • For further safety improvement, not only the die-cut mechanism but also the defective pouch separation conveyor, are fully guarded, increasing the safety of the machine without compromising operability.
    Additionally, the die-cut equipment is integrated with a defective pouch separation conveyor and a discharge conveyor. also has been equipped with casters shorten the time of travelling time, installation and on-site adjustment.

Standard Specifications

Max. film width 600mm
Pouch size Pouch width : 85mm to 180mm (Full shaped Die-Cutting)
*110mm to 300 mm is available with optional components.
Pouch length : 600mm (Film width)
*Square pouch making is possible by using straight shaped Thomson blade.
*Pouch size is restricted by the pouch size and lines.
Die-Cut size 600mm (Film width) × Min.85mm to Max.180mm (Feed length)
*It will cause Die-Cut failure when the total length of Thomson blade is over 1500mm.
*Certain film structures may experience cut issues even if Thomson blade overall perimeter length is less than 1500mm.
  • 90 degrees Conveyor Film feed size: Min.85mm to Max.180mm
  • Non-Stop Conveyor Film feed size: Min.100mm to Max.360mm
*When pouch width is greater than 250mm, the non-stop conveyor functions as standard indexing conveyor.
Max. Machine speed 200 CPM *Pouch making capacity depends on film materials and thickness.
  1. Additional 5mm width for waste is required at both right angle and straightline direction to film Line to handle Die-Cut waste.
  2. Usable period of Thomson blade depends on film materials and thickness.

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.