Coreless Trim Winder Applies to: All models

Coreless Trim Winder


Edge scraps produced from bag making machines by slitting are simply disposed of by automatically winding on a paper tube in a cone holder at speeds up to 45m. Winding speed automatically matches the bag making speed so no adjustment is necessary during operation. The paper tube is mounted vertically. (No tools are needed for mounting or demounting the paper tube.)

Standard Specifications

Edge width 5 to 50 mm
Winding speed 3 to 45 m/minute
Maximum roll diameter 300 mm
Roll width (height) 420 mm
Paper tube size Inner diameter : 3-inch Length : 420 mm (with lid)
* If no lid is used, 450 mm or more
Maximum dimension for one turn 700 mm
Tension [ By sliding spring support ]
Using two springs : 0.4 to 0.7 kgf Using one spring : 0.6 to 1.25 kgf
Area for installation About 480 mm x 500 mm

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.