BH-60DG-FBOX POUCH® making machine


* BOX POUCH® is Totani's original trade name. (Trademark registered in America : Reg.No.3399863)
* BOX POUCH® is Totani's original trade name. (Trademark registered in UA : CTM Reg.No.4912549)

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Box Pouches can used in a wide range of fields, such as packing of commodities and food such as candy, cereal box and infusion bags of drug medicine.

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240 pouches/min: BOX POUCH®
TOTANI has added a new, two lane operation capability, which provides incredible operation speed to the BOX POUCH® machine.

Product Features

This model machine can make BOX POUCH®, which when filled, displays like a box to make it a more appealing package.

Totani's original technology realizes both high-speed (up to 120 CPM) Pouch making and high-quality/high-strength sealing, makes it suitable for storage and transportation of not only solid but also liquid because of its high hermiticity.

Five-face printing is supported only in BOX POUCH®. And, most laminated films used in pouches for food and commodities are supported. This resource saving machine can save 12% film in comparison with conventional standing pouch with the same capacity.

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others.
Please consult with sales dept. for further information.


Standard Specifications

Bag Making Sizes & Shapes


  • W1 (Bag width) : 90 - 194mm (3.54" - 7.64")
  • W2 (Inside dimention) : Minimum: 2mm (0.0787")
  • L (Bag length) : 200mm [600-22 - 2G] mm
    7.87" ~[23.6-0.866-0.0787G]"
  • G (The depth of the gusset) : 37~57mm ( 1.46~2.24")
  • *Double Cut feature is 6 mm (0.236").

Side Gusset bag

  • W1 (Bag width) : 90~194mm (3.54~7.64")
  • W2 (Inside dimention) : Minimum: 2mm (0.0787")
  • L (Bag length) : 200~[600-14] mm
    7.87" ~[23.6-0.551]"
  • G (The depth of the gusset) : 37~57mm ( 1.46~2.24")
  • *Double Cut feature is 6 mm (0.236").

Standard Specifications

  Specification Detail Reference Notes
1: Speed Maximum Speed: 120 CPM  
  • Bag-making speed depends on film material and bag size.
  • Please see bottom of this page for an example on 100 bpm.
  • Top Fill Only on Box Pouch or Pinch Bottom Bag
2: Bag size Width: 90~194 mm (3.54in - 7.64in) Twice Cut Function enabled.
Double Cut partial material is 6 mm (0.236").
Required L = 96mm - 200 mm (3.78in - 7.87in).
  • Corner Cutting Option available. Additional Feed Time not programmed in base .
[Side Gusset bag]
200~586 mm (7.87~23.1")
200mm [578-2*G]; (7.87in [22.8-2*G] in)
G is the depth of the gusset.
  • Maximum distance is 270 mm (10.6") between the center of the machine and the zipper tape.
  • Maximum distance is 290 mm(11.4") between the center of the machine and the bottom seal.
Depth, Side Gusset: 37mm - 57 mm( 1.46in - 2.24in)    
Min. distance between gusset: 2mm (0.0787in)    
Zipper Position > 8 mm (0.315") distance between zipper and the top of the side gusset.  
Side Gusset Position > 100 mm (3.94") distance between top edge of bag and the top terminated side gusset.  
Punch hole at the bottom (only Pinch Bottom Bag): Diameter 6mm - 19mm (0.236in - 0.748in)    
3: 45-Degree Angle Folded Gusset (Patent) Fold top edge of the gusset to 45-degree angle. > 8 mm (0.315") distance between under zipper and top of side gusset.  
4: Side Seal The standard width of the side seal is 8 mm (0.315"). The gusset folded to 45-degree angle must be heated bond on side seal. Therefore, if width ofside seal is narrow, it is possible that top of the gusset is not closed.  
5: Double Cut Material Standard width: 6 mm (0.236").   Double cut chip is too narrow, top of gusset may not be sealed properly.
6: Pinch Seal The pinch seal means a round seal as part of side seal.
The pinch seal prevents the side gusset from popping out of the bag.
  Operation without pinch seal can work, but the pinch seal is required if the width of the side seal is 5 mm (0.197").
7: Bottom punch The Gusset Bag without square bottom requires bottom holes. Bottom Punch Hole Diam:
9mm - 19 mm (0.354in - 0.748in)
Distance beween holes: 30 mm(1.18")
Two punch equipments is necessary to reduce the distance between two holes.
8. K-seal
(Ship bottom seal)
Side Gusset Bag -K-seal located at bottom head of gusset. The width of the seal bar is 130 mm (5.12") in the direction of film flowing. Seal bar is outfitted with the heater of the horizontal seal which is a part of the rocket seal.
Therefore, the heater block of 130 mm width is necessary to accept the seal bar.
9: Roll Size

[Body material]
Max. Width: 800 mm (31.5")
Max Diameter: 1,200 mm (47.24")
Maximum Length: 600 mm (23.6")

[Material gusset]
Max. Width: 800 mm (31.5")
Width: 236 mm (9.29 ")
Maximum Length: 118 mm (4.65")


[Example of Specifications for 100 bpm pouch making]

  • Feed length: 150 mm (5.91")
  • Completed width: 142 mm (5.59")
  • Removed double Cut: 8mm (0.315")
  • Completed depth of gusset: 40 mm (1.57")
  • Completed height: 300 mm (11.8")
  • Width of the side seal: 8 mm (0.315")
  • Film: PET#12//LLDPE#80

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.