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Head Office Tour


Environmentally-friendly manufacturing...


Totani’s concept in the head office building is, "Reduction of the Effects on the Environment".Our office building incorporates this concept by utilizing environmentally conscious ideas - such as electric power savings by using a photovoltaic system and water savings by using well water, introduction of a ventilation system with little change in room temperature, and use of highly advanced heat rejection glass, saving energy. Photo catalytic paint contributes to air purification and is used inside/outside the building because it excels in deodorization, antibacterial properties, and antifouling properties.

Work Space

Expansion of the clean workspace efficiently produces higher-quality products.

High-speed automatic warehousing system (SAS system)High-speed automatic warehousing system (SAS system)
Domed truck yardDomed truck yard

Our bag making machines have become more sophisticated and larger to meet diversified market needs.With the increase in the bag demand for food and medical supplies, the bag making machines also provide for a cleaner manufacture environment. In order to respond to customer needs of cost reduction and shorter delivery, the newest SAS system (high-speed automatic warehousing system) has been incorporated in Totani’s warehouse.

Creative Network

New challenges of Totani start with an environment rich in creativity.

The Sales Department (right) and the Design Department (left) divided by the partition of glassThe Sales Department (right) and the Design Department (left) divided by the partition of glass

We brought our Sales Department and Mechanical /Electrical Design Department together on one floor and integrated our Production Data Management Department, to connect these functions of the organization.With the wireless LAN "In-house Computer Network", all departments listen to our customers' requests and, with the open environment, meet those requests.Also, our fingerprint authentication system into all doors of the building ensures the protection of the customers' information.